About us: Farmers2Farmers.org mission

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This website is intended as a platform for farmers to share information with other farmers about environmentally-friendly agricultural practice (‘ecological farming’).

We have case studies on a wide variety of relevant topics. You can connect with other farmers throughout Europe via the FarmErasmus program.
We have information on model ecological farms and on events where you can be inspired by other farmers’ real-world experience and discover new ways to tackle the challenges you might be facing on your farm.

This website has been developed by Greenpeace but it is yours and we rely on your views and ideas to improve it and make it as useful and interesting as possible.
It’s still early days, but we’ll be expanding the site little by little. Please let us know what you’d like to see on it!

Why is Greenpeace getting involved in farming practice?

We believe the current food system is broken. It needs to be urgently reformed for it to benefit farmers, consumers and our planet. Greenpeace’s Food and Farming Vision can be summarised in seven overarching, interdependent principles – based on a growing body of scientific evidence.
Ecological Farming combines modern science and innovation with respect for nature and biodiversity. It ensures healthy farming and healthy food. It protects the soil, the water and the climate. It does not contaminate the environment with chemical inputs or use genetically engineered crops. And it places people and farmers – consumers and producers, rather than the corporations who control our food now – at its very heart.
It is a vision of sustainability, equity and food sovereignty in which safe and healthy food is grown to meet fundamental human needs, and where control over food and farming rests with local communities, rather than transnational corporations.

© JÁRDÁNY Bence/Greenpeace