Albena’s Farm

Organic cereal farmer - one of the founders of the organic agriculture movement in Bulgaria

Visiting Albena’s farm, you will meet one of Bulgaria’s most devoted green activists. She’ll tell you all about the struggles and successes of being a small-scale organic cereal producer in a sector dominated by industrial agriculture.

© DONCHEV Ivan/Greenpeace

Albena Simeonova

6342 Lyubenovo, Bulgaria

Albena has been working in the agricultural sector since 1999.

The farm is 275ha in total (cereals, vegetables and vines) of which: 70ha is organic arable land and; 30 ha organic vineyards. They also have; 100ha feed for chickens,; 60ha feed for pigs; and 15 cowsha feed for cattle. The cereals are sold for export or for processing in Bulgaria; some vegetables are processed for the Bulgarian market; some of the meat is sold at farmers’ markets; wine is also sold at farmers’ markets or through other short-chain delivery options. The farm is looking to expand its exports.

This is an opportunity to visit a farm with 19 permanent employees; it also employs 50-80 on a seasonal basis (eg for ploughing, harvesting and pruning the vines, which require more labour than arable crops).

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