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An organic apple grower with 25 years’ experience

Danny Billens is an organic apple grower with 25 years’ experience. His orchard covers 8ha, of which 6.5ha are apple trees, 1ha pears and 0.5ha plums and cherries.

Danny will show you how you can grow apples well using only minimal volumes of organically-certified pesticides.

You’ll learn more about the pragmatic approach he takes both to his growing and his marketing strategy. Danny has shown that it’s possible to grow apples without intensive use of chemical pesticides. He prefers to control pests in a very focused way, recognising that most organisms in his orchard are useful. Most important to his success has been the adoption of a holistic ecosytem approach, making his orchard more resilient to pests and diseases.

belgium, oetingen, 19 august 2015
Danny Billens, Oetingen
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Danny Billens

Condijstraat 44, 1755 Gooik, Belgium

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