A mixed organic farm in Leuven, based on the CSA model

De Boerencompagnie is the fusion of four small organic farms in Leuven, combining vegetables, cereals, flowers and dairy cows. From 2017 onwards, they will be amalgamated to form a single mixed farm.

@ Johan Van Oekelen

Brecht Goussey

Stationsstraat 201, 3110 Rotselaar, Belgium

The amalgamation will enable the component farms to ‘close the cycle’, so that residual products from one can be used as raw materials for another, thus eradicating waste. As a result, the farm will become even more sustainable and resilient, with greater biodiversity. It will also produce local food in an urban environment, and the farmers’ ambition is to further diversify over the years to offer the widest possible variety of organic food to the local community, such as milk, bread, fruit, soft fruit, chickens, pigs, herbs, etc.


De Boerencompagnie farms land in the southern outskirts of Leuven around Abdij van ‘t Park. Since this historic location is only 2 kilometres from the city centre, it means that the local community can truly enjoy locally-produced food. In total, the De Boerencompagnie operations cover an area of 20 hectares and follow the principles of CSA (community-shared agriculture) or community agriculture, where farmers and the local community together take responsibility for their food.


De Boerencompagnie collaborates with Landwijzer, a non-profit organisation offering professional agricultural training in organic and biodynamic farming, and Doeboerderij, a non-profit organisation providing agricultural education to adults and children.

At De Boerencompagnie, you can learn more about:

  • CSA
  • organic gardening, farming, animal husbandry and floriculture
  • short-chain sales
  • community building and solidarity
  • education
  • collaboration