Guilbardière’s farm

Cultivating crops… and knowledge!

Gilles raises 35 diverse breeds of dairy cow on 73 hectares, including 50 hectares of meadow: he’s a real expert in grass management! Meanwhile, Anne, who aims both to supply food that’s good for you and to spread knowledge through farm visits, processes milk on the farm and welcomes around 1700 guests each year.

Copyright : Didier Gentilhomme

Anne Martin & Gilles Guellier

41 Rue de la Bièvre, 41120 Monthou-sur-Bièvre, France

After he took over the family farm in 1986, Gilles developed it little by little, eventually converting it to organic farming in 1994.


A year later, Anne joined him, creating a milk processing unit and an educational farm workshop. One of their greatest priorities is the environment. The diversity of breeds they rear (Normandy, Montbéliard, Prim Holstein, Brune des Alpes) is testament to this. They are also self-sufficient in feed, thanks to the way they manage grasses. They’ve invested in a dryer to improve the quality of their fodder too. The farm’s biodiversity is also enhanced through the use of ponds, hedges and agroforestry, and by avoiding any chemical crop fertilizers.


Anne and Gilles have just found 2 buyers for their farm and are starting to put the transition to new ownership into place: this will give them the opportunity to exchange ideas and experience with the newcomers. As they’re both very involved in the local community, they’ll also direct you to other interesting farms in the area.


Photo © Didier Gentilhomme