Sébastien’s Farm

A farm promoting multi-level diversity

In a major agricultural area known for its livestock breeding, GAEC Ursule differs from other farms in respect to its diversity and its feed autonomy. With 5 partners across approximately 200 hectares, they breed cows and chickens and a wide variety of grains and oilseed/protein crops.

© Jean-Luc Bertini / Greenpeace


Puysault, 85110 Chantonnay, France

If we had to define this farm in one word, it would unquestionably be “diversity”. This is true both within plots and across them. Each plot is planted with a variety of cereals and meadow species. And overall, the several hundred hectares produce a diversity of cereals (such as milling wheat, peas, fava beans, lupin and barley) that are sold directly to farms. For the sake of biodiversity, each plot is no bigger than 6 hectares and each is enclosed by hedges.


A hundred dairy cows graze on pasture, and organic rapeseed and sunflower oil are grown. Finally, renewable energy is generated through solar and wood chips. All this diversity ensures the farm is resilient and provides a reliable income.


This farm is also well networked with other farms, both in grain sales and knowledge exchange: you will have the chance to visit some of these farms too.



Photo © Jean-Luc Bertini / Greenpeace