Koulelis’ Farm

Cultivating lupins to feed sheep to produce local Greek yogurt

In this traditional Greek yogurt-producing area (Dorkada), the farm has for several years been growing white lupins as feed for its milk-producing sheep.

Lupin_Thessaloniki (Polygyros)

Prodromos KOULELIS

Dorkada 570 17, Greece

On our 50-hectare farm, you’ll learn how and why we cultivate lupins: they’re high in protein; allow us to be self-sufficient without dependence on imported and/or GM soya; are low cost (no need for water or pesticides); require no fertilizer (these plants are natural fertilizers); keep our animals healthy; and result in a final product that tastes really good!


You’ll visit our local family yogurt company, established at the beginning of the century, which now produces cheese, milk, cream and yogurt.


You’ll see a different approach to sustainability: feeding sheep with our own home-grown produce (lupins), something that is now becoming a movement throughout the region.