Nikolovi Brothers’ Farm

A sheep farm passionate about good food

Dimitar, one of the Nikolovi Brothers, is a passionate good food activist. In addition to introducing you to the family farming business, he’ll show you how to rediscover the direct connection between producer and consumer – with the help of a restaurant using only organic food in season.


Nikolovi Brothers

5930 Belene, Bulgaria

The farm, established 8 years ago, is run by two brothers and their father. They have approx. 20ha of vineyards; 10ha of corn; 10ha barley and wheat. They also have some alfalfa and carry out hay baling.

They produce cheese through grazing 250 sheep on a municipal pasture. They also have their own 2ha pasture, equipped with “electric shepherd”, a shed and milking room.
The farm also has 3 silos, a large shed and various smaller storage rooms where pickled produce is prepared.