Trinity Farm

Local biodynamic planting (cereals, vegetables, legumes)

As one of the third generation of a family of farmers, Alexandra gave up her career in Athens to return to her homeland and create Trinity Farm on the slopes of Agia Triada (Central Greece).

Her decision to forgo conventional farming in favour of ecological practice took her even beyond simple organic agriculture to apply biodynamic principles. On a 40 hectare estate, she grows cereals, vegetables and legumes and breeds a herd of sheep. Ecosystem balance is also achieved through the contribution of about 2500 trees.


Alexandra Tsiadi

Ag. Triada 403 00, Greece

The farm produces cereals (durum and emmer wheat, barley, oats), pulses (lentils, beans, chickpeas), vegetables (carrots, garlic, onions, potatoes) and feed for farm animals. The cereals are used to make wholemeal flour and various types of grain product (bulgur, couscous, trahana, etc). No chemicals are used and production is supervised by Demeter International as meeting biodynamic agriculture standards. The farm is the first Greek Demeter-certified biodynamic farm for annual crops.

The farm’s carrots and flour have been rated among the “Best Greek Products” by Food & Drink magazine, and its carrots and onions have won gourmet prizes. VimaGourmet magazine has listed the farm as one of its “100 Best”.

Visiting the farm, you’ll learn how soil fertility, plant growth and livestock care are all treated as ecologically interrelated tasks, and you’ll see how its agricultural practice is all based on a continuous cycle of resource utilisation.